One of my perpetually-favorite writer groups features premium speakers on a variety of topics. I’m lucky. I learn.

The topic was “How to get your book made into a movie” – and what author doesn’t want to know that? We all want to be Michael Connely… who, btw, is so famous he produces the award-winning series and sits in the Writers Room.

He is the King, sort of like Shakespeare was.

But I digress. The writer group has a brilliant learning and convivial format:

  • sign in and chat with friends…
  • speaker intro and opening ‘act’ There’s a movie term for ya!)
  • lunch – yum-yum and chat
  • announcements of member achievements, signings, and such
  • speaker finale

What’s not to like about that ‘sandwich’?

The room was filled to the brim, extra tables brought in to accommodate the lusting crowd. It was, literally, standing room only! Though I was a loyal attendee/member I was only able to find a seat in the corner in the back…with the newbie throng…

The speaker was/is a storyteller. What better thing to be? She spun her tale of mega-book sales, the THING, she said, that evoked movie companies to court her: Hallmark, etc. All good, am I right?

New Dude at my table groused: “She hasn’t told me HOW to get my book made into a movie! I’m not listening to her anymore”… and he didn’t, face in full pout, back to the speaker, etc. He was rude, though the speaker didn’t know it. She couldn’t see him. HA!

At the end of her presentation, the speaker thanked all for coming to hear her. She smiled and looked all around the room.

She was/is genuine. A real true-blue, she intended the thanks she spoke.

I couldn’t help myself. I truly couldn’t hold back…

I tapped the dude on his forearm to get his attention and said, “Did you hear that? She just thanked you for something you didn’t do.”

Dude’s head snapped back. He hadn’t expected praise for doing diddley-squat. He hadn’t expected ‘applause’ for being RUDE.

I am quick. I was right. I nailed rude dude.