In a funk, faithful friend? If you are, take heart and know that there are simple ‘seasons without reasons’ in life – and some of them feel strangely funky. Know that these feelings will pass, like seasons and reasons do. The light will shine through the window into your soul; your smile will reign and you will laugh out loud. Soon.

Then you will forget all about the funk in such a powerful, pervasive manner that the next time the funk arrives, you will forget faster and smoother, rushing the funk out the door like a bad guest.

You will need to remind yourself of the process because funk keeps trying to roll us over. Cruel tries to rule.

It’s not fair to oneself to expect that every day life will feel perfect. Sometimes we are tired, worn from struggles; sometimes the chemicals in our bodies are unbalanced; sometimes the clouds creep over the sun; sometimes we react in ways we are not proud of…sometimes things just go wrong, wrong, wrong.

Everything will turn around, just like the earth does each day. You will be your wonderful, light-hearted self before you know it. Rest, replenish your body, mind, and spirit with good, true, beautiful things. Take care of your heart. Abide in the peace. Trust who and what helps you feel safe. Be it.

Cruel tries to rule, but you are the queen of your esteem: wear your invisible crown.