In December 1986 I assembled a time capsule to hastily insert in an extra concrete pour necessitated by our pool contractor’s incorrectly-placed layout. It seemed that the entrance steps into the sports pool were harrowingly near our home’s sliding door. Wouldn’t want Lar to inadvertently splash into the pool on his way to BBQ our evening’s meal!

I vividly recall the contents being inserted in a Chock-ful-o-Nuts coffee can, the brand du jour (the US was not yet Starbucks’ Nation), its vibrant yellow and red surface being nearly enough to awaken one, even before ladling three scoops into the coffee maker. That I know the placement of the time capsule is certain-ty (not coffee – I do enjoy a pun!) It’s contents, however, are unclear. Here’s what this Baby Boomer near-retiree recalls – anyone else have any ideas?

  • a cheerfully smiling photo of Larry and I, the residents of the home, the swimmers of the pool
  • one of my recently-received Ainsley china floral bouquets inserted to symbolize our mutual love of flowers: it was broken a tad anyway, perhaps by one of my grandmother’s unruly grandchildren, though surely not me!
  • a wine cork, though likely (gag) White Zinfandel, not the Old Vine Zin that I favor now
  • ??????????

Chock full o nuts           Please don’t call me CHOCK FULL OF NUTS just  because my memory is as fuzzy as the coffee can image…

BTW: I have my Hollywood-like palm and feet imprints, dated and signed in a corner of our garage addition, another December action, this time in 1992. Alas, soon to be covered over when we special paint coat the garage floor – or maybe not? WHADDAYATHINK, Readers?