‘Silver architecture’: what image does this phrase evoke for you?

I’m all about inventive, creative language, avoiding trite like the plague. I like this phrase.

It’s source is an article in The New York Times, the paper of the preferred Best Seller list, the author pinnacle of prestige. A place you’ll never see my name…

New York.

Visualize the city of skyscrapers, taxis, and multi-sensory mayhem. Nothing laid-back about New York, though people ‘heart’ it on every surface feasible, including a tee-shirt I’ve saved. Silver architecture could be a description of said tall buildings in the frigid air. The ones sheathed in reflective glass and look like the Lone Ranger’s bullets.

It could describe the latest hair-do of Lady Gaga, a celebrity born of the city.

Oh no, the Lady went au natural: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/14/lady-gaga-new-hair_n_6685026.html

That surmise is out, outed like her hair.

It could describe the 401ks that Wall Street plans for the ‘greatest transfer of wealth this country has ever seen’, the phrase that begot MBA seekers chasing all that Baby Boomer money.

Or the latest Madoff Ponzi scheme (was that man named aptly or not, in that he ‘made off’ with millions in other people’s money, bilking charities and his friends!!)

Tired of multiple choice, my Baby Boomer friend? Here’s the big reveal:

P1090671Silver artchicture is building design that focuses on the needs and limitations of seniors.

Are you buying it? Me neither. I wouldn’t live in one, elevator, doorman, or not.

Here’s one of the tall buildings in Shanghai. I wouldn’t be ‘shanghaied’ to reside there either. Most people in the three Asian countries we visited last fall seemed to live in clusters of austerely-designed skyscrapers. Yikes!

I wanna live here, laid back in the OC, not anywhere else USA.

Even if the taxes scrape the heavens, requiring more than silver coin heaps to pay, we are well-planted Silver Citizens, here, now, and for posterity.