12143085_911170462300284_2457852695751020278_nSeveral weeks ago my husband and I flew, turn-around quick, to Michigan to attend the funeral of one of his mentors, the father of his high school chum. The flight, turbulent literally and figuratively, took far less time than the famous farmer shown, but we were no less dedicated to the trip.

We were fortunate to have the means, intentions and moments, dedicated to taking the time, to be there for Max, family, and friends. Max was 95 years old and died as we all wish: peacefully, in his sleep, surrounded by family.

Never say die to friendship, family, and love.

While there we had a lengthy afternoon visit with our only nearby relatives in town. The others had vamoosed for Spring Break vacations, but this young couple had reason to remain. Dan has been ill, suffering at Biblical level like Job for nearly a year, and significant tests were scheduled the next day. Present to receive our best, what we were privileged to give.

Never say die to love and family support.

10317817_10207290952205647_9016492698480345045_oHere are some of our favorite people on Earth. After chemo-upon-chemo, a bone marrow transplant is the next treat for Dan, with his dear sister as medical savior. Jessica is his loyally buoyant wife, one fully connected with faith.

Pray to our Father for his-and-her sakes. Say “Let Dan die not, Lord. He is one of Your best.”

Please do this, Constant Reader. Please.

Thanks for the friendly support.