The over-large postcard arrived in the mail, heralding an appealing offer: the maiden voyage of a Celebrity cruise, an eight-day Mediterranean itinerary that included the Holy Land.


Two days in Israel, not a large country, but laden with Christian treasures and barricaded by strife. It seemed like a great idea, to take our hotel with us, an luxurious escape if needed.

We’d never traveled the Celebrity Line before, we didn’t know what was in its offering. We only knew that the trip timing fit our life calendar, as if mailed to our house by God.

We were in the midst of middle grade strife here in America, a family feud that was perplexing, exhausting, and dubiously fueled, aimed at cutting me out of ‘the family.’

I had no choice but to accept the deep cuts – and the salacious slander. I’d long since ceded the turf and moved across America: out of sight, out of mind began a long path to peace, a forerunner of freedom. If I was an island, I needed to be near the ocean, so near the ocean I was. With my sacred co-heart, the man pledged to me in love.

There was no end in sight, little toehold of land in ‘the family’, no compadre strong enough – or willing to toss a life-saving ring. I guess the math was simple: if I got less, each of the others got more.

The day before our cruise to visit the Holy Land, the estate was settled, the money wired to our accounts and off we went – talk about a cliff hanger! We trudged up the gangplank with ample bags for a glorious time – and money to pay the bills when we got back home.

I prayed at every holy sight, especially at Calvary Hill. I prayed in Egypt and Ephesus, as I walked the road of Anthony, Cleopatra, and Paul. My heart swelled at the sight of the stadium, where the audience of my heart heard me. I was truly free, I was saved, I was no longer bewildered. I was safe and whole, my self.

Timing is everything when God gives you insight, especially within sight of His Holy Land. Accidents and Incidents are what we recall of our daily lives, mixed with Serendipity = Living Life as a Miracle.