Comedy-TragedyI love improvisation, a theatrical situation in which actors play off of each other unscripted. They create little dramas and comedies just by speaking dialogue and acting out scenes they make up as they go along.

I admire improv actors whose high-spirited goodwill sweeps an audience into the jokes, gags, and joy! I love watching their chins quiver as they valiantly try not to burst into full guffaw! I love it all.

So, I did a little research and learned that the most important attitude to have when doing improv is…to simply smile and say, “Yes, and-”

You never say “No, but-.” You never even say “Yes, but-.” You say, “Yes, and-” ever and always. You accept it; you go with it; you build, twist, bend, pervert, bounce; you play; you riff. The whole act might stumble and change direction anytime, but you’ll be in harmony with it. And so will your partner.

Sounds like a primer for a joyful life…and I gratefully shout that “I have it! Yes, and-”

Family reunions and certain people gatherings have been Bad Improv because no one went with “Yes, and-“. When key figures subordinate getting along to personal agendas and privations, goodwill collapses. You have experienced it, too, no doubt…

Life is improvisation, and certain people seem to not have caught on. They think that life is drama, and it’s all about them. They think that life is a chessboard from Wonderland.

It’s the tragedy of relationships that needs¬†improvement.