Come one, come all! Let’s write – This month’s question: What do you consider the best characteristics of your favorite genre? 

Bada-bing, bada boom, this is a simple question for me. All I hadda do was look through my archives – and have the technical finesse to find the post I wrote on the topic (wink-wink).

Voila! Read on –

While that mystery is solved, a more intriguing one emerges behind it. Why haven’t I written a mystery? Let me explore that lapse –

  • maybe I’m lazy, not wanting to learn how to plant red herrings and such, preferring to remain in my default zone, humor, sarcasm, and satire
  • maybe I didn’t feel worthy. Most of my writing idols and icons write in this genre: Coyle, Crais, Ide, and (drumroll roll, please) the dear departed Sue Grafton
  • maybe because I wished to remain in the land of fun and writing ease, what came naturally to me (see the end of my first reason…)
  • maybe because I was filled with dither and much ado… After all, writing was to be my elegant retirement hobby, not work
  • likely all of the above apply.