April 3 question – How long have you been blogging? What do you like about it and how has it changed?

I began writing a blog in 2012 as a means of personal expression. It was a bold move for me to speak my truth. I’d repressed and trimmed the edges off my whippersnapper self to be well-regarded and accepted in the world. Especially in my nuclear family in which several members could go nuclear within seconds. What made this walk-on-eggs act tough was that their triggers were seldom known in advance.
The most mercurial child – the one who sucked most of the family’s oxygen – was the younger sister who read my teenage self’s diary – and tattled to my mom. Now I no longer care and it’s bomb’s away, baby on my blog.

Like an apple/day for health, blogging has been my weekly appointment to write. For mental health.

I am a duty-bound person, raised to commit and excel. It was an ethic of both parents. Each of them gifted me an essential component of my writing style: metaphorical, humor, and satirical finesse.

My blog is an element of my author platform. It’s my weekly engagement with the world though I merely sit in my desk chair and keyboard. No dressing up to step out, no high-priced gas necessary. Did I mention that the internet is free?

My blog is:

  • confessional
  • informational
  • spritely and, hopefully, never dull
  • topical, though seldom political
  • 100% my opinion, my sentiments, my words
  • my moods and swings
  • my hopes and dreams
  • my personal stamp on the world

I am a social butterfly, an extrovert, not an introvert. Blogging is interactive and helps keep me sane.

I may have never satisfied the SEO gods to amass the followers commanded as a successful writer platform, but I’ve pleased an audience of one: myself.