The purpose of a book’s cover is to sell, according to Damonza, a world-famed cover illustrator. If you need a cover to attract book buyers to your book on a shelf, click on this link:

His company’s promise, delivered via Zoom, is to achieve the following until you, the novelist, are 100% satisfied follows

  • achieves a brilliant, striking, and strong focal point that achieves first glance, in the blink of an eye attention
  • conforms to genre standards with a font that works with the story
  • to make your book as professional as possible so that it’s not perceived as less than a traditionally-published book

The cover selection process was expedited by the fact that I’d worked with Damonza on my prior book.

That gorgeous cover required 7-9 versions to come together in perfection over the course of several months in 2018. Because the same employee of Damona and I had worked through the process, the cover of The Jailbird’s Jackpot was achieved in two versions, with only better placement of the apostrophe to achieve – Huzzah and Hurrah!

In his Zoom seminar, Damon responded to my inquiry about how he became a cover illustrator – he needed $$ to provide for his family, desperate after a business venture failed… He began to work for 99designs, another Down Under company which specialized in logos as well.

In other words, he made his reputation the good, old-fashioned way: he earned it!

I, too, had worked with 99designs, last year when I published a short story anthology –

so, when I desired to publish the blog posts that helped me to cope during a three+ month requisite homestay due to COVID-19, I hired the same cover artist. Katerina, coincidentally, lived in Greece. Her country was just emerging from a country-wide lockdown when I emailed her and she was overjoyed! Win-win! Here’s the cover –…+a+Quarantine+Survivor+by+PJ+Colando&qid=1597966324&s=books&sr=1-1