The devil personified always seemed to be seated on my left side when she hissed fiery, false words directly at my face multiple times last year. I could almost feel her spite, er, her spit’s splash.

Each time my breath felt sucked from my chest…thank God, she wasn’t a vampire at my neck.

She was after blood, however. Her intention was foul to the bone. Here’s the quote that was most sodden with venomous untruth. “It’s all about you, isn’t it, PJ,” she intoned with blackness of heart.BlackHeart

No one who truly knows me would state these words, for my life speaks of something quite divergent. My life speaks of giving, love, trust, and respect. Interest in and support for others. My life speaks of worship to God. I pray daily that I live up to His gifts, which include being a smart —–.

But I am no snark. I don’t speak salacious in another’s face – or behind her back.

And so, He rewards me, He shields me, and He carves a distinctive, servant-oriented path. He protects me in large and small ways.

Soon after she stage whispered that malevolent phrase, He swept her away from my space. He melded me to the chair with a view, a spot that I didn’t have to yield for an hour, following the rules of the game.

That night He saved me from further interaction with the malcontent heart. That night He proved that He is a clever god, capable of saving one’s face and one’s heart.

It was/is clear that the purpose of her remarks was to make me feel bad – and I do; I feel bad for her.

Remember one and all: people who label you don’t want to get to know you. (you’re right, Constant Reader, I don’t need to know her)

When God gives you a boundary, it’s best to not hop the fence.