We’ve just returned from a near-week away. It was good to return home – to our much-beloved house.

You see, I can not help but worry a bit. California has been under drought siege for a longer period of time than any of us residents recall. Most of the state is  engaged in D4 Exceptional Drought Exceptional and widespread crop/pasture losses Shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells creating water emergencies, unfamiliar turf. The state isn’t Sahara-like yet, but it feels close.

Under specs written by the United States Drought Management (located at the University of Nebraska, btw), my husband and I had experienced D3 Extreme Drought Major crop/pasture losses Widespread water shortages or restrictions, working well with the water restrictions to maintain our California life style. This mandates a constantly livable outdoor room, complete with pool, grass, and plants.

13769604_10208270777780674_117341393949391399_nIn other areas of the country this would be regarded as a plush and plum backyard. Yes, we have a lot of houseguests… Why not? “Go ahead and jump!”

One caveat. Though we are retired, my husband and I are happily engaged in endeavors of choice – which doesn’t include airport pick-up and delivery nor carting guests around to tourist attractions. Unless, of course, it’s nearby and it’s a destination we crave or bring up. Read Disneyland NOT!

And we don’t observe dietary choices other than our own. Guests eat what’s placed in front of them of them or go without, plate swiftly removed from under their out-of-joint nose ! Ha!

DroughtImageLet’s get back to the point with this graph: We have existed in the brown area of exceptional drought for an exceptionally long period of time. We do not enjoy the conundrum in which we’ve been placed. When one has a pool, one must maintain water at the level shown in the photo to preserve the pool.

Thus, to keep us from the upper strata of tiered water usage-with an eye to preserve water supplies to put out fires that sprout-and-rage-our landscape and garden are struggling. What a sad, bad choice. Thank goodness our trees roots are deep.

Thank goodness for the Irvine Ranch Water District’s free distribution of reclaimed water exists http://www.irwd.com/services/recycled-water

Though filling-and-lifting the 5 gallon containers from my trunk has caused personal back tweaks, I feel like a good and able-bodied citizen.

Are you observing all of this, Papa God and Mama Nature? Even the yellow zone would be acceptable, common for this time of year, the color of the sun.