$_35                              The label states: “I am a linen blended garment designed in such a way as to twist, bend and torque when washed. Please enjoy my fun insouciant look”

OK.  Now I will be well-armored for life in my new CAbi clothing. I will be able to twist, bend, and torque – and look good while doing it.

I knew I was a dedicated CAbi girl. I like going to my friend, Sandy’s home, dining on salad between slurps of wine. I have long realized that my CAbi girlfriends tell the truth about clothing and what looks good and what not.

Even the clothing labels speak well of the culture.

I am a CAbi Girl. I have a fun insouciant life. Sans thick haïr and tan, I model a different style, but I am making it.

I am wonderful, wise, and worthy as well.