images-1Happiness is craved, for me as much as anyone, I confess.

In search of evermore accurate ways of quantifying human happiness, researchers at the University of Vermont have tuned into Twitter. Seriously, the Hollywood hype forum has come under academic scrutiny. Must be that the course in underwater basket weaving was over-subscribed.

The research team analyzed millions of tweets across the US ( yes, we are being daily scrutinized by a university, too) to pinpoint where the most cheerful users lived. They coded words with positive associations (“friend, hope, beauty,” for example) and negative ones (“hate, lied, ugly”).

The data was analyzed and, not surprising to me, seven of the top 15 cities were in California!!!

Napa, California led the list. Maybe because “wine” was one of the happy words. Connection? Whaddayathink? A little bird told me to go have a glass of wine..

P.S. Remember that Jesus’ first miracle was changing water into wine.