This month’s optional question: What’s harder to do, coming up with your book title or writing the blurb? Hmm… I swerved a bit as my thoughts composed my blog post, to the business of writing a blurb for me!

“I am a walking exclamation point, eager to befriend. I love to read, travel, and socialize. I am ardent, authentic and undeniably outgoing.”

That’s my personal elevator pitch, though I seldom have to say it. People know because they see my smile. They say it telegraphs goodwill.

I’m an ENFP according to the self-administered Myers-Briggs Inventory. It would be easy to slot me as a glowing extrovert, but I need alone time, too. Alone time affords me moments to just be. To let go of hustle and bustle and do.

I am naturally empathetic, or wired to the room and its story, so that I’m constantly absorbing others’ energy, whether I want to or not.

Sometimes the energy is the good, the bad, the ugly and I have no means to thwart. A psychologist friend called me a fluid personality. One of the best things I did for myself is to define my boundaries. Have you accomplished this vital element for self-preservation, Constant Reader?

My husband is my best friend, but he’s not always with me when I’m vulnerable, which is an ever-present circumstance. Life doesn’t have a manual and there’s seldom a fortune teller in the room, on the plaza, in the supermarket, on a South American trip, at a family reunion.

I have no problem showing my vulnerable side. I consider myself ‘blessed’ that I have no fear acknowledging my vulnerabilities in the presence of others. It does not bother me to not know all because I want to be authentic. I wish to never be regarded as vain.

I want to show others that I am not a lot of fluff. Every woman has her brand, just as she has a favorite scent. Inner power and self-confidence radiate when vulnerabilities are shown – no hiding here. Open display of one’s foibles is empowering. When a façade of fear is abandoned, one is free to ask for help.

Bravado is not attractive.

Remember that everyone is afraid of something. For some its public speaking… in which I excel. Revel in your vulnerability, dear heart. Everyone is imperfect and flawed.

Sometimes writers write to discover, explore, and then show their inside out…

Enjoy my self-selected theme song: