We attended a U2 tribute band concert yesterday:  note-for-note, phrase-for-phrase exuberance. I recovered the muse. Music does that to me.

You, too?

Rock music unleashes the laces that bind us to commoners’ propriety, routine, and decorum. To rules embedded in culture and strife; to events that swarm to thwart the soul. To smallness and biddy personalities who threaten because they are…

Music overcomes glumness. It does.

Music unearths the spirit, the thriver within…especially when it’s rock and roll. Rock drives, enlivens, unencumbers.

Words and Music is where I LIVE!

You, too?

I hope you feel the beats in my writing. It is my recovering heart.

Sometimes it shouts; sometimes it spews and spouts, sometimes it purrs…but always it returns to the beat, to drum up more élan.

SYNCOPATIC SYMPATICOyes, Pat is in there twice. Thrive on!

You, too?