If you ever want to wave a conversational red flag in my face, just say “they” did it or said or thought it. Be ready, for I will ask you, “Who are ‘they’?”

I rise forth from a lifetime of blame from a tattletailing little sis along with the mischievous misinformation of the unseen and unnamed in small town communities where I grew up. With a party line, where the childhood game of “Telephone Gossip” was played out in realtime.

At least with current media, one is in control of one’s own story – if we all stay away from the vague dispersion of ‘they’.

Besides being impersonal transgression, it’s a basic violation of story telling with Who did What When Where and Why data omitted. It’s unholy crap – and I call it out without fail. Let’s advocate responsible, reliable facts. Less vague, unaccountable trash and more truth to tell.

Overuse of ‘they’= character and idea assassination. Do you have any red flag words guaranteed to ignite challenge and/or make you jump up in place?

we vs they