worryThis post was written in late February as I awaited a scheduled surgery date. I acted on my faithful friend’s wisdom, that, what the mind doesn’t know, it invents…I sidetracked worry into its own dead end, not allowing it to blight my day or night.

I utilized my imaginative mind to write a dozen blog posts, placing them into a queue until an appointed date, to share them with —. Don’t know if a person is listening or reading, but God is. I believe that He would be/is proud of me – and I know His earthly agent would be. I didn’t worry, knowing that I was in His heart and hands. And, I put my head’s gift of imagination into my fast fingers, tapping on some keys to write. I hope that the words travel the stairway to heaven…and that they bounce back down with His validation of my purpose and my protection of self.

I write when I feel blue; I write when I feel black; and I write to keep the wolves of worry at bay.