Though he’s been voted out, what if the present Prez refuses to move out of his White House abode?

We already allowed him nearly four weeks to sue, shovel, and shift the votes his way… but that didn’t satisfy him. He tantrumped*, spouting lawsuits, sideswipes, and shenanigans! What a lout!

The Master’s tournament was out of phase, due to the coronavirus he ignored, and played out in November on nationwide TV. Perhaps he watched, perhaps not. The taxpayers have paid for endless rounds of golf… and we already know he cheats. He never can a loser be.

Meanwhile, he did nothing for our country. The dilemma is fraught.

The giant head wants to fight as per his talents. He’s supposed to be the one who says, “You’re fired!” with a slam of fist on the Resolute Desk. I think we should check his pockets, trunks, and suitcases to assure no Remington statues nestle among his flashy red ties if/when he departs.

I suppose some reasonable men could be sent to know of the Oval Office, but who would that be? Roger Stone? Michael Flynn? Rudy Guiliani?

General Mattis and many others would likely volunteer. They’d be proud of the roust-him-out duty and be awarded another medal for their uniformed chests.

I suppose you could circle a move-out date on the calendar and politely pile a bunch of cardboard boxes in the center of his bedroom. One could have a personal assistant – maybe Hope Hicks – pack his closet for him.

You could flick the lights on/off in the Oval Office like a high school teacher trying to regain control. You could suggest that he didn’t have to go Miralogo, but he’d have to remove himself, like a bartender advising the barflies at closing hour.

I doubt if Joe Biden will allow the toddler to remain behind and become a roommate – like the scandalous frat boy the Dean of Students wants to eject.

I doubt if President Biden would be down with such a random act of kindness… His wife and Kamala would likely elect to fumigate the People’s House and be rid of the rat, what with all those KFC extra-crispy crumbs behind the couch.

Perhaps a ploy to give the former prez an ambassadorship… to North Korea.