I exercise daily. Though I shop on Saturdays and rest on Sunday, on weekdays I’m dedicated to a regimen of treadmill, then weights, and water aerobics in my local gym’s pool. It helps to offset the weight gain that seems inevitable for writers and women of a certain age…

Because of this daily slate, I have much fodder for blog posts, especially when in the pool. I trudge slowly, often stretching the muscles and ligaments that tighten while I sit and sit and sit… Enjoy this blast from the past.


A coffee klatch has long been associated with, uhm, women of a certain age, but I’m required to observe and listen to a coffee klatch of older men.

Who refuse to wear hearing aids – Aargh!

The pool is indoors and doesn’t reek of chlorine. That has several boons: it’s all-weather exercise and I don’t flinch at the stench of chlorine. Further, my bathing suit rotation doesn’t fade away with all deliberate speed. The pool temp is consistently 83-4 degrees – it’s an all-around cool pool.

But (there’s always a ‘but’ in dramedy) all of the surfaces are tile, blocks of glass, and concrete. There’s nothing to buffer the overloud men, talking at near-shout level, so they can hear each other above the noise of the churning water and bubbles.

The jacuzzi is situated in a corner alongside a third of the pool, which is near Olympic-size. There’s a dome of opaque glass to allow filtered light into the ginormous space.

Thus, Constant Reader, it’s an amphitheater effect.

I’ve listened to several frat party-worthy conversations, including the display of one dude’s wallet to prove he had a condom with him at all times. Seriously, old man, is daily Viagra part of your pill regimen?

Today’s conversation cured the world of all ills. Including the coronavirus. Talk, talk, talk, argue, ar-me. Pew.

The Jacuzzi Coffee Klatch will not be convening tomorrow  –

The gym is closed as per our Governor’s suggestion. Whew!