What would make a great premise or inciting incident for a book? A hook for a reader – or for you, the writer? A murder, a secret, and/or promise to tell-all? A hint, a hazard, a second guess? Another of PJ’s infamous loose-with-the-truths?

Here’s an incident that I utilized three years ago, fiction launched by true-to-life facts, uncommon commodities these days… 😉 of 2019.

In January 2016 there was a $536, 000, 000.00 multi-state mega lottery at play in the Midwest. My husband and I idly talked about what we’d do if we won – and how much was enough? Important questions to consider, whether or not one buys a lottery ticket, while on a walkabout in one’s neighborhood.

And then, he and I traveled Down Under… and a book idea began!

What if, one of the women who’ve populated my Faith! Family! Frenzy! series won a Boffo Lotto of millions and millions of bucks. What kind of chaos could be fueled that that amount of cash? Both within the small rural community of farmers and pastors and gossips and church ladies – and without! What would the dog do? Would the cows moo, the chickens cluck-cluck-cackle, the wags wiggle and giggle – and/or would the marijuana be left behind?

Lots of chaos, conundrums, and catastrophes can occur, faithful blog readers! Enough to fill a novel: The Winner’s Circle. Don’t you want to be in on it? Pre-order of The Winner’s Circle is available January 15. Head to your favorite book buy site and get in the winner’s circle with me. I’d include a link but I wish to remain impartial among the choices. Not taking sides, among my circle of faith, family, and friends.

I’m not inciting no incidents with Amazon. Not me, no sir or ma’am. I’m just sitting in the corner, counting the cash 😉 Boffo!