Santa Baby,

Thanks for putting Larry and I on your list, checking it twice. We know our names are there because we have a snow globe with you checking our list before mounting your ride around the world to deliver gifts. Our names are prominently displayed, spelled correctly and checked, bona fide and bottled up in glass. I adore my snow globe collection, which sprinkle confetti-like snow when shaken up, unlike troubles that can chill you. I’m a believer.

Oh, the validation that we were good – very good – came with all the gifts. We are loved and appreciated well. Thank you.

Our home was brilliantly lit, inside and out, and celebration was in the air throughout the month of December. We stayed HOME, in our special place of peace, love, and joy, to commemorate the fact that we have lived half of our lives in California, loving it even when it is not sunny. There are lots of choices, hope, and optimism here. We have a family of friends here. This is where we fit in. This is where we adventure.

We ventured outside California to visit family and friends in the Midwest in June and went beyond to safari in Africa in August.  We frequently watch our 1000+ African Safari photo slideshow, the grand experience of 2012, the trip of a lifetime. God’s presence was on display 360 in the South and East African nations we toured. His diverse works were gloriously revealed and shared. Santa, did you realize that God made the most momentous around-the-world gift delivery? There were many Christians in Africa, smiling cheerily as we shared their space.

Santa Baby, forget that earlier post about closing my snow globe collection. I loved and purchased another one that shows off God’s best gift to us, the One that lasts forever and will not wear out: His salvation.