While some of my Boomer buddies pridefully ascribe to the mantra displayed. Scene Maker seems more apt re the picture, and I’ve discovered a new term that satisfies: Superager for what I hope to be. I am.

Here’s what my newly-coined term means: An elderly person who exhibits little cognitive decline. Let it be me, please and thanks.

Today is my birthday and I’m not as old as the math of the meme. But I do want to be seen as well as heard…’tis a reason to blog.

And a reason to get out on the town. You know travel is our bug, our hobby, our quest. In ten days we are headed to the Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show in Lake Havasu. I am fireworks freak and the event will light up the skies, light up my life.

Last year a spectacular single candle helped me celebrate my birthday – an island volcano off New Zealand where our cruise ship moored to party on deck. This year’s celebration will be over land, but man’s creations will be no less spectacular than nature’s, I hope and believe. See ya!