Attention Friends and Family in Elsewhere USA, especially those who endured the protracted frozen tundra of last winter’s perverse nature.

Last week Southern Californians had a snow day. While surfers always adhere to a “Surf’s up!” philosophy, on August 30, the surf was Way Up! Way!

Dude! People cut work, lawsuits, divorces, and otherwise planned events. The cake was left baking in the oven, the washer left to spin on its own. Cops probably even stopped writing speeding tickets, a ploy to fund government out of budgetary woes. People flocked to the beaches that rim the coast, in greater numbers than sea gulls, to gape at Nature’s best awe.

Here’s your glimpse of the glory, that only the brashest brave surfed. The surf was up, WAY UP! 


Too bad there was no school to ditch, for the students or their teachers! 

Or for a struggling author, trying to swim among sharks, entangled in seaweed of words.