Rejection is sometimes protection in God’s perfect will. Tailormade for your wishes, desires, and needs. Decreed by His Spirit to guard your heart, He holds you in His hands.

“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and yet he singled out you. And me.

He sees the future and he fully knows the past. He’s present always, whether you accept it or not. He’s the world’s caretaker, watching over all of the people, places, and things He created. Animals, birds – even bugs, including foul cockroaches and favorable bees. Snakes that slither and crocodiles who snap. Sparrows and albatrosses.

Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!

Jerks and jabberers. Giants and liars and backstabbers. The wicked as well as the weak. Jinxes and magic spellbinders and laudable naughty types.

Not long ago I re-experienced rejection. The consummate, incredible kind. Those who are close know you the most and, when their opinion is clouded by envy, can inflict cringe-worthy wounds. I’d gotten a divorce from the wingnuts long ago, but hope sidled up… Ba-da-bing, I got zapped, but I didn’t flatline.

I got zinged, but I didn’t cry. I’d forgotten to shrink-wrap my body and soul. I left my body armor in the closet and went forth, forgetting the past and trusting the future… Oh My!


I suspect I must rebuild my personal Hadian’s wall, aided and abetted by His hands. I know my husband will join in the project. He’s my personal protector, too. Note, dear reader-and-abider, that my wall undulates, showing potential for conversations and altered opinions. It shows that I’m flexible and open to change.

God is at work, and if it pleases Him to repair the relationships, I’ll hang in there. However, broken trust is tough to repair and I have no hope and lots of fear. I’m not crossing my fingers that the relationships will be re-framed. Here’s my sign for now: