August 2 question: Have you ever written something that afterward you felt conflicted about? If so, did you let it stay how it was, take it out, or rewrite it?
Well, well, well. This is an interesting topic… I’m a writer who has a keen sense of irony, a quick wit, and the bodacious vocabulary that comes with being a lifelong reader. I began writing a blog in 2012 as a means of personal expression. It was a bold move for me to speak my truth. One that I’d repressed and trimmed in order to be liked and well-regarded in the world.
When I realized that my husband and friends would like me no matter what, I stepped beyond a constraint from my teenage years when my tattle-taler little sis – with whom I was forced to share a bedroom – read my diary. Grr-rr. Regrets, I had a few and tossed that diary. I shared little of my inner self with anyone after that.

Fast-forward forty years to when I felt entitled to free expression. I was widely acclaimed for my sense of humor, often speaking tongue-in-cheek. While I do speak with spunk and bite, I never used my word smithery to wound, though I might have wanted to in instances when I’d felt hurt.

Dang! Where was that great Shakespearean retort when I needed one?

However, I soon learned that my playful nature didn’t always translate well and some blog readers took offense. Family rifts opened like crevasses in ice – yikes! Three times – ack! It was swords or pistols at dawn! 

Because the offended peeps were in my husband’s family, he had to play mediator. Bless his heart, he didn’t throw me under the bus. He loved me best and most, after all, and knew my intentions were good. He understood that the slighted ones were over-wrought – and found a way to defend me and my sense of humor without putting them down.

Such finesse! He’s an ace at diplomacy.

He’s the best man alive – I think I’ll keep him!

P.S. Only pissing people off three times in 800 blog posts isn’t a bad record…