Though I’m less insecure than when I joined this group, I choose to remain within its fold. I’m no longer abashed by my lack of credentials, such as the vaunted MFA, nor cowed by the critique received in a group of honest and well-wishing peers. I feel that the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is a good place to belong.

I began writing a dozen years ago. My intent was to ease my way into retirement without regrets about things not attempted or explored so that there’d be no hole in my soul when I died. As a speech-language pathologist, I’d written thousands and thousands of clinical reports, Prior to that I wrote paper after paper to earn the collegiate degree for my chosen career. But ‘just the facts’ without opinion allowed no whimsy and creativity and it was ready to let my writing fly!

With the benefit of critique groups and partners (my husband is the best), I’ve learned that verbiage flung onto the page – like first impressions in relationships – isn’t always the perfect, deathless prose to which I aspire. Sometimes a Thesaurus can help massage words into their best shape and sentences need to be carved. While I no longer fear/despise revision, I’m prone to dither rather than finish, always eager to find-and-use the ‘best’ word or phrase.

I guess that suits me. My brain networks in amazing ways, with curves and twists and such via brainstorming as well as reasoning.

I’m a Process rather than a Product person.

It’s ever been thus. Here’s a blog from the past to prove it:

My writing is akin to doodling.

That label – doodling – brings me ’round to this month’s question: If you are an Indie Author, do you make your own covers or purchase them?

Creative writing is an affinity, a gift, and a desire, but cover design is not. I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time – and dollars – to developing a suitable set of skills for the writing craft. Because graphic designers do artistry better – and often inexpensively – I’ve purchased my book covers.

I’m pleased with the products of others’ process –