I am a Process, not a Product Person. A PP, not a PP: pick your poison, peeps. I enjoy/dislike the act of doing/achieving more than the outcome/aftermath.

Process vs. Product. It’s an education learning theory about how one absorbs and retains information learned. Life. Cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences, as well as prior experience, all play a part in how understanding, or a world view, is acquired or changed and knowledge and skills retained.

World view. It mediates all aspects of life. (In case you hadn’t noticed ‘process vs product’ is a dichotomy. It’s not a new theory. Perhaps divisiveness has been the human condition always, not just these times)

Consider this, an iteration of a ‘plaint, among the few that I shared aloud because I’m a PP, a Positive Person. But the impact on my daily functioning for the past month was massive beyond the Oct. 18 fall. Cognitive, emotional, environmental…a cornucopia of dilemnas and impediments.

At an author event mere hours after my fall, I confided to a friend, “I had great difficulty with my eye make-up and earrings tonight.” A smile, not wince. I’m a PP.

It was explanation-lite of issues that befell me when my entire right side was severely bruised. I didn’t share how I’d yelped as I’d attempted to dress, eat, and… other stuff. I’m a Rightie, so my preferred hand/wrist/forearm/shoulder couldn’t perform. Habits of 50-60 years became difficult, left undone.

The friend took issue, “Your make-up looks fine,” refuting rather than validating per Tone. Then she trumped the remark; she turned away, gave me her backside, not her eye contact, best listening side.

OK. I thought I looked fine, too. I had a mirror, so I knew I achieved my customary look, ardor aside. Her pseudo compliment side-swiped Me. She was so “there, there” snippety-grandmotherly in Tone. (the lady above is genuine and dear and not the condescending one. I’d never waste a post pic on her)

The insult-to-injury was that she averted true interest.

I’m concerned because I find few listeners anymore. Almost no empathy. I typically repeat myself three times – each time altering the verbiage – before people hear Me. Ofttimes, people cut my discourse to interject their point-of-view, which is divergent from my point…

Further, people seem unable to process issues outside their own. Insular, truly self-absorbed. This small example is part of a pattern I witness/experience when I walkabout the world.

“There, there,” it’ll all be over soon. Promise me, please. People will return to humanity’s womb and relate in the present to me as well as others.

I will continue to communicate emotively, patiently, truly. I’m a PP, a prayerful person.