A few years ago I experienced dissolution of a family that I thought I’d had. I mourned and felt terrible – until I remembered my favorite Beatle, Paul.



He was the odd man out in the dissolution of the Fab Four, the apparent lone ranger like me. I’d always liked him best and felt akin.

Paul McCartney not only survived and carried on. He thrived! He created new partnerships, ab-fab fun, with numerous successful outlets for his creative prowess. Like me, with a little help from my friends.

Now Paul’s a Sir. He is still Out There, on tour, celebrating his life, times, and gifts. Here, there, and everywhere, like me: raucous, rangy, and regal. My husband will affirm that I am Out There – oh yeah! That’s part of his love.

My Father is the King of the Universe. He is Out There, watching over me, a part of His beloved.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”