I belong to a writer group that convenes each Thursday morning at Panera Bread. We are not part of the Starbucks clan: we prefer a full menu of ‘feed your face’ options.

While not all of the writers are Boomers, post-careerists who have plenty of time, I noticed as I perused Panera, that many of its clientele are – Gray Panthers who want to dine out, not in, and the healthy wholesomeness of Panera resounds.

And, I think, we (Panthers and OC Writers) prefer the reduced level of commotion and noise that a good ‘sit-and-eat’ fosters, not the zippy entrance/exit of those on the go. If we ever were ADHD (the diagnosis was invented when Boomers were in childbearing years, not before; probably not a coincidentally that male and female careerists had less time, patience, and interest for the calm centeredness that parenting requires…but I digress…)

Where was I – what was the point? Uh-oh, perhaps I am ADD.

Internet trolling during a writer’s research moment (we have plenty of those – and they are not always checking out social media, though this does help to pull one out of one’s own nit-and-lint picking) yielded this interesting find. Read the graph and smile 😉Panera Stats

Apparently Boomers are creating a new fiber: Panera Nation, not Starbucks Nation for us, limited to coffee and minimalist treats eaten on the fly.

I’m writing a new post now – watch for it on the first of next month.

The ‘through’ line is bread…did I mention that I need to sell more copies of my book, STASHES, to pay back the bread spent on its publication. Have you purchased yours yet?

Social Security isn’t enough for me, part of Panera’s Gray Panther clientele.