What is your time worth? What can a buck buy these days? Certainly not a pack of gum at the convenience store/gas station where I paid $50.00 to fill up my Mini tank today.

But before we grumble too much, as so many angry Americans do, let’s keep in mind that 50 years ago, a minimum wage worker made $50.00/week.

And then, there’s the sad, sad fact that today’s minimum wage worker must work more than an 8 hour day to purchase a tank of gas. Yikes!

However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it takes little longer for a 2013 worker to earn a Ford Sports Coupe than a worker in 1963. Holy stats! There’s always an UP side.

What’s also great, according to the Bureau’s data (Google is great, isn’t it) is that it only takes 21 minutes to earn a gallon of milk at today’s super stores, whereas in 1963 it took 25.

Perhaps in the extra four minutes, the worker would have time to eat some Oreos with that milk. Suggest how, dear Reader: straight, split, or dunked?