On the 22nd day of Quarantine, my true love gave to me: a walk amidst the Audubon Sea & Sage Society bird and critter sanctuary.

There are actually five square ponds in a grid with straight, flat pebble-covered paths between. The circumference of the grid is 5 miles. The lake path we chose to walk was 1.4. Add to that was the distance from the parking lot to the trail and our total was 1/7 miles – nearly 4000 steps.

That’s twice the goal amount of our homestay days.

On the 22nd day of Quarantine, we saw a host of things:

  • one bunny rabbit
  • two humping gekkos
  • three hopping squirrels
  • four ospreys soaring
  • five human beings…

  • six duck couples quacking
  • seven swans a-floating
  • eight geese a-honking
  • nine shoreline paths to bulrushes
  • ten martins darting
  • eleven swallows, too
  • twelve small floating clouds in the blue sky…

And a single fleet-of-feet road runner!

p.s. Several hours later post-walk, our sinuses reminded us that we’d walked among vast amounts of pollen and plants that are in our natural habitat, our neighborhood and yard. While we didn’t sneeze or dry cough in the manner of the symptoms of the dreaded coronavirus, our noses became faucets. Thank goodness we had an abundant supply of tissues to handle the new situation.

Thank goodness we are well-supplied with all our basic needs, including love and hugs.