Sometimes there are no words.
Sometimes there are more.
Authors hear much about keywords when it comes to Amazon sales. I written about that in the past.
Today’s blog has another tasty treat: the continued alphabetical list of phrases I recall from my misspent youth. See if there some you recognize – or some you might add. Have a blast from the past!
adjective; awesome, memorable. “That was an epic concert.”
Fake it
verb; to bluff, pretend to be able to do something. “He tried to fake it when he took that test.”
Fell out
went to sleep. “After working until midnight on homework, I fell out quickly.”
noun. A disappointment, a no-show (also a verb, as in “flake out)  A person who day dreams, not present or smart.  “She is such a flake.
Four on the floor
four-speed gear shift in a car. “That sports car has four on the floor.”
noun; a policeman, policemen. “The car thief was picked up by the fuzz.”
noun; something spectacular. “Was it good? It was a gas!” (Riot, blast)
verb; ‘vibe’ to the music, the beat. To get along. Also an adjective; “groovy”
noun; a person considered inferior to the speaker. “He lives under the bridge.  What a grub.”
noun; a group of people, men or women.  “Those guys are in trouble.”
 Hang out
noun; place where a number of teenagers gather. “Let’s hang-out at your house this weekend.”
noun; bother or something that bothers one’s psyche. Also to love someone who’s dumped you. “I’m hung up on you.”
verb; to fight. “Look at those two guys hassle.” (Throw blows) Asking questions.  “My parents hassled me about going out tonight.”
verb; driving fast, trying hard. “He’s going 80! He’s really hauling!”
Well, it’s time for me to ‘haul ass’ and get on with other tasks of the day. Meet me soon in this place 🙂