My husband and I bonded over music and I feel fortunate that our musical tastes continue to align. Thus, when live music returned to the outdoor arenas in the OC, we easily agreed on the tickets to buy. We also agreed that, since we can’t take our money with us, we should opt for premium seats, a music enthusiast’s delight.

Yes, we reverted to our late teenage years through twenty-something years as we contemplated seeing former heartthrobs’ concerts. And, we decided to reward ourselves supremely because we now have higher credit card limits than in those eras of yore. Btw, credit cards only came onto society’s landscape during our collegiate years – and, gasp! – they arrived in the mail unbidden. Do you think our alma maters provided our names and addresses?

In total, we attended three concerts in three weeks, each featuring a pair of rock bands, popular back in the day. In each case, the band with the top billing was the draw for us, as it had been with the concert promoter. We primed ourselves with home concerts with the numerous CDs we own. Yay for rock music’s glory days! We were ready to rock!

Oh, how we jumped up to dance when our favorite songs were performed at each concert! My step counter was crazed!

We adored every second of each event. Interestingly, however, in each concert, the second billing band outperformed the top dog nostalgia rock group. (May I mention Three Dog Night?) More polish, more charisma, more mojo. More songs played with little rambled banter, more fervor for their opportunity to perform… at ages close-matched to ours, the dudes came to rock the ages! The guys came to play loud and long – and I’ll bet they sold more records as they pleased the nostalgic audience.

Our spirits were revived… and my knees forgave me after two days.

STYX concert

Do you know the name of this group? Perhaps this tune, which is my personal favorite, will jog your memory: