Hornitos Tequila and Trader Joe's Jail House Gin
“Nibbles and Hits”, a take on a popular television ad, is the topic of the day, as I consider the increasing frequency of marijuana-laced news. When the Laguna Woods Cannabis Collective scored a three page article with bodacious color pics in the Daily Pilot two weeks ago, it was a big bit, er hit! Though no pics of a person taking a toke – that was off-camera enjoyment, I suspect.

Marijuana is legally recreational in three states and medical in many; I know people whose aches, pains, and treatments have been eased by its mellow-mallow affect.

It’s a conundrum I don’t have to face: what would you do for self or a loved one who needed intercession, something earthly and earthy, something heavenly, too?

What’s your take – your shake and bake – on marijuana ingest? Will it be brownies, cookies, burgers, or casseroles?

Or will you stick with the drugs of our prime?

Whichever you select, have stashes of mucho edible snacks for the aftermath…

“And the hits just keep on coming!”

Who said that, Baby Boomer? Tell  me, do – as you “love me, do”.

As we all love nibbles and hits.