I made it – whew – through the ravages of COVID-19! From March 2020 through March 2021 I survived among savages (those who refused to mask up), thus enabling the deadly virus to spread across this country. The virulent virus gobbled up peoples’ health all over the world. The death toll was unworldly – even God couldn’t/wouldn’t stop the human destruction despite constant prayers in every language and creed. Further, the all-mighty Pope couldn’t pray the virus away.

As I survey my journey via rearview, I am able to site several components that made my survival a sure bet.

Here’s my list. Please share yours in the Comments… because if you are reading this blog post, you are a survivor, too.

  • I committed to my survival and that of those I loved. My attitude was shaped by my endgame: to be alive.
  • social media and Zoom connected me effectively to family and friends far and near. Thus, the bonds weren’t completely severed and I didn’t feel entombed.
  • companionable contentment with my longterm husband. Further, living in a paid-for house with paid-for vehicles in glorious weather where we could always escape beyond our four walls. Bountful birdsong and glamour of nature in a secluded neighborhood where social distance was already a given…

  • faithful service providers who continued their routines, such was our mutual need/trust: house cleaning service, ¬†grocery workers, postal carrier (who we ‘met’ daily at our Dutch door), barber, and church online.
  • an armada of masks – all made by friends, so that I felt their love daily… Masks to coordinate with all outfits. Fashion statements as well as keep the faith
  • a closet filled with yoga pants and jeans and stay-cation tops, my already assembled retirement togs, so who cared if the nearby mall closed!
  • my affinity for reading and writing, for fully-charged cell phones and computer, and for Smart TV screens where movies and news could reach out and touch us as we wished.
  • fresh water and food aplenty

  • Last, but not the least: I got my shots, the vaccine developed with all deliberate speed to shoot down the virus and save humankind! Huzzah!