Raise your hand if you’ve been measured during a health physical recently, and then informed with that bland, benign smile that only doctors and judges wear, that you’ve shrunk?

It’s what happened while you were walking around all these years, perhaps experiencing pats and/or bats on the head. A natural, yet unwanted consequence of living, my fellow human, when the stalwart spine compresses as a by-product of gravity. You shrinky-dink, you do.

I can no longer reach the standard height shelf above the clothing racks in my closet, Constant Reader. Not even on tip toes, reaching with the tip of fingers. Not even if I attempted those pointy-toed heels young ‘ins wear, the 4-6 inch platforms that I’d likely fall off. What about you?

According to a recent news report, you have famous company. Washington MonumentThe elegantly slim monument that overshadows the Washington Mall with its pointy head jib-jabbing the sky, built as tribute to our first President, who was a very tall man….it’s height’s revised. Shrunk!    http://wtop.com/national/2015/02/surveyors-determine-new-height-for-washington-monument-in-dc/

Do you recall that several years ago the Washington Monument cracked in a 5.8 quake? Subsequently our friends and family who live in the area, teased us about living in California – with its well-advertised, impending calamity – no more.

But it did not fall. Perhaps, the Washington homage was correct: not as commentary on George’s pointy head, but on his legend’s permanence. Like the Egyptian obelisks that it emulates. He, along with a crew of mighty men, forged a country that lasts.

Are you celebrating his true birthday soon, or the fabricated one last Monday that bankers, politicians, and school children celebrated?