Oh-kay. Recently there were miracle posts and airplane posts and the two themes combined in a flash – done!

Wait, there’s more…this time we take you inside the airport terminal…

We were returning from a trip to visit our families in the Midwest, arriving via plane at the John Wayne Airport, eager to be Home Sweet Home. With their typical ‘can do’ sensibility, our friends, Denny and Susan, were driving down from northern California and planned to pick us up at the airport. They were coming for a visit in our home – we’d have fun, sharing family twists and tales and such. We’d save $$ on cabfare home, perhaps stopping at the market to purchase wine for a welcome home toast!!

It was precisely timed, it was bon vivant. It was precisely Denny G’s style!

But…our plane arrived early. Very early…we didn’t want to sit around the airport, cooling our heels so close to home. We counted our cash and decided to take a cab. The vehicles would be aligned like a yellow diamond necklace at the curb outside, so home we’d be soon…a-ah.

Okay, let’s call Denny and Sue to let them know.

Larry had Denny’s cell number in his phone….but it had little or no charge. What an irony: we had enough change, but not enough charge…

No problem, let’s go to the charging station near the arrival gate. Since I am a ‘least tech’ person, it is a miracle I knew it existed.

Oops, lots of people ringing the charging station, plugged in for their ‘most tech’ life – and the only available port won’t fit our non-iPhone’s charger.

Damnation! We were sunk. While my phone was fully-charged, ready-to-go, Denny’s cell phone number wasn’t stored in my contact list. We were stuck at the airport, every frequent traveler’s nightmare. Our enthusiasm nose-dived.

In that instant, a young man arrived with a double wide briefcase, opening it to show all of the charger cable types in the world. Seriously, inside was a charger3 black jungle of cords, coiled and bound in pockets, lined like soldiers on four folder-like dividers inside the space. We felt like we’d won the lottery!

The trim, Van Dyke goateed young man just happened to work for Sprint – and he freely shared. It almost made me want to switch carriers, as thanks.

So as not to overstay our welcome, we plugged in Larry’s phone, retrieved the number, writing it in the small notebook I always had handy in my purse.

Then, we let him trek on to go to his home.

I dialed Denny’s number on my cell phone, barely able to speak because I had been holding my breath. Suspense, apprehension, what not.

“Well, we are near the airport exit,” boomed Denny’s generously exuberant voice. “We’ll be there in a few minutes to pick you up!”

And they were…