P1050186A dozen purple hearts dance around my wrist alongside a sapphire as blue as my eyes, which not like the middle Eastern evil eye amulet, thank heaven.

  • Amethyst beauties that wouldn’t bedazzle if it hadn’t been for a miracle, a coincidence of God.
  • When one’s life is fully scheduled by other people’s demands, a wisp of time is difficult to come by.
  • It was only a few moments, that was all she had. And most of it was encumbered with finding a place to park.
  • It was only a few moments, but her card was extended to flash the greeter, who glanced offhandedly and waved her in.
  • It was only a few moments to purchase a gift to honor a friend, who shared nearly the same birthday and, thus, the same birthstone.
  • It was only a few moments, but bling catches the eye in the high, lighted space of Costco, in the  jewelry cases in the front.
  • Swoop, snatch from the attendant who unlocked the case, and tuck a smiling stance into the line at a cashier’s stand.
  • It remains a most treasured gift when you know that God helped pick it out, though Master Card paid the price.
  • Just as He selected my sister, Rosa, she of the best love and intent. We share a purple heart, wounded by life, but still caring for others above all else. Rosalinda may be the only person who smiles as much or more than I do, ever seeking opportunities and “going with the flow”.