Dang! The ancient stretch cord holding the beads and bangles of a Christmas bracelet broke, and all of the baubles came tumbling down. Just as we headed out to church service on Sunday. My wrist would not be holiday-adorned.

Crunch! I nearly fell as I stepped from the curb into our car to drive away from said service, my heart filled with hope, joy, and love. It was one of the trillion pine cones ‘gifted’ by the tall evergreens of our church’s tree-lined street. As one who’d broken an arm in a prior street walking mistake, I scooped up the offender and dumped it in my car. Saving someone else from harm.

Voila! My creativity and concern for Gerry Cz converged. I got out my trusty glue gun. Now she has a miniature Christmas tree, adorned with the beads of my bracelet. The ‘stand’ for the tree is the larger components of my Christmas bracelet. Re-purposed with my visits of purpose to bring her joy, my mission on earth.

P1050265Gerry is a strong woman, older, world-worn, but used to adoring her Savior with worship from the back pew beside my husband and me.

Gerry is broken and will be residing in a skilled nursing facility to mend. While that is the best place for her to receive physical therapy to restore health and return home, it’s sad to spend Christmas week incarcerated, surrounded by facility staff, not family.

Her family will visit soon. With their blessing I am holding her heart in my hands, to improve fully for a fantabulous holiday celebration.

Hurrah!  My visits with Gerry bridge the gap, with His purpose in my hands.

Healed, not broken. Wish it for Gerry, please. God’s best.