I’m a writer, not a coed or a bride. Yet, I have a Pinterest fetish.

Pinterest is an American image-sharing and social media service designed to enable the saving and discovery of information like recipes, home, style, motivation, and inspiration on the internet using images and, on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. The dalliance launched in 2010.

There was a phase when writers were encouraged to have Pinterest boards for each of their books. I did that. I also have bulletin boards for My Style, For the Home, Favorite Places and Travel, and Incredible Edibles from Soup to Nuts.

I’m also a retiree, so I can dilly-dally all I want.

I call writing my elegant hobby.

I can dabble because I don’t have deadlines.

In these dilettante days, I’ve cruised Pinterest more earnestly. Prompted by the daily receipt of suggestions I might like via email. Better than X (Twitter) emails, I look and linger over the pictures, which are often connected to websites. Bada-bing!! Thus, I’ve expanded our palettes’ repertoire, moving toward healthy lifestyle eating. My Pinterest explorations have added vegetable dishes and more ways to prepare pork, the other white meat. Recipes that reduced carbs, increased repertoire, and fun and flair in the kitchen.

And then there’s this recipe to spoil the cook and destroy the diet plan – Dazzling Dirty Martini Deviled Eggs

• 6 large Eggs, hard-boiled, then cut in half
• 20 Blue cheese-stuffed olives

• 3 tbsp Mayonnaise
• 1/2 tsp Olive juice
• 1/8 tsp Cayenne pepper
• 1/4 tsp Kosher salt
• 1/4 tsp coarsely ground pepper
,• 1 1/2 tsp Vodka

Mix the ingredients together and scoop into the egg halves

Serve to the cook and the guests.

 What’s your elegant hobby? What do you do you do when you can squander time, to be as creative as you wish to be?

What do you do when you have a decision of any size that you are finding difficult to make?