Ants have infested my space again, in fact, many of them. Ants lurking in the kitchen, in our master bath, on my writing desk. Quelle horreur! It couldn’t be that the writer (moi), who attempts to write uncanny words, viewpoints, and general tomfoolery, snacks while shewrites?

My town is notoriously built atop an ant farm. The developers did it back in the ’70s before we lived here. The land used to host cattle herds and/or grow lima beans before we lived here.

The fact wasn’t in the brochures – or the job offer – that enticed us to this city.

We’ve endured infestations in the past, the worst being the complete occupation of the cereals and snacks in our pantry!  Ever had an ant farm as a kid,, or gifted one to a grand? AN ant farm famously role models an industrious communal attitude.

All for one and One for all.

Basic facts of the boons and bonuses of ants don’t ameliorate my hatred for them. Not even when I wrote this blog post near Halloween last year

Meanwhile, enthuse to the Pink Panther Theme, composed by Henry Mancini –