P1030509I just went over to communally bake cookies and I was barely ten feet and ten minutes inside the door when

she pounced without an ounce of compunction to ask: “Do you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in greeting at this time of year?”

Well, I do. But,

her question had a tone of confrontation, so I answered her with a question:

“Do you have Jewish friends? It’s polite to respect their religious traditions.”

“But” she said, “it all started with Jesus, so ‘Merry Christmas’ is right.”

“And Jesus, born to save us all, likely celebrated Hanukkah with his family,” I countered.

1177782-Cartoon-Of-Buildings-Around-Planet-Earth-Royalty-Free-Vector-Clipart“God bless us all, every one,” said Tiny Tim.

I believe that Jesus feels the same. He’s right.

Compassion, not demand to align, serves His purpose best.

To dispense it religiously is one of the perks of being preferred.

BTW Lest you think that my adorable friends, pictured above, participated in this values abuse, know that I purloined the cookie baker photo from a post in 2012, three years ago to this day. Please read it here and smile at its intent https://www.pjcolando.com/nothing-says-loving-pillsbury-says-it-best/