I can do magic with groups of women. Here are two true life examples.

  • I have done public speaking on a variety of topics and always open in this manner: “My name is Pat Jackson-Colando. I am a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in private practice. If you can say my name, you don’t need to see me.” And the entire assembly dutifully chants my name. We all smile and I begin my presentation.
  • When I began to write as a hobby, I shared the news with a small group of women gathered in my home as supportive friends. I said, “I’m a writer now.” Pointed looks bounced among the women in my living room and everyone was mum. For many moments, there was silence – among a group of polished gossipers. I never, never gossip, but perhaps they considered me one of them that would write down their chatter. As if! And, within a few beats, they were gossiping again.

I can do magic with groups of women, in diametrically opposed forms. I can make them say the same thing simultaneously or create a conversation pause.

Words do have power and they are powerfully in me.