During his limited college tenure, my nephew delivered pizzas to fund his dating aspirations and general carousing. While most people tipped him, my nephew groused that doctor’s offices did not, saying with a shake of his red-haired head, “They’re the worst.” Because he was ranting and not listening, I didn’t advise or enlighten him about the reason I surmised.

Dentists, Doctors – even Speech-Language Pathologists like me – provided a service and did not receive tips, so tipping was not in their paradigm.

Nor did his teachers or professors – even preachers – throughout his life. They’d likely been affronted if it were offered, as did one of my high school teacher friends was when a parent gave her a positive Yelp review – holy crap!

Not being able to dine out safely during the past couple of years has made my tipping skills rusty, though the fact is that tipping has never been one of my fortes. I typically doubled the tax and then rounded up to the nearest dollar to tally the amount. I like things to come out even in many avenues of life.

I like to be efficient, effective, and to always, always give equal time.

I’m a spontaneous hugger, putting my all into the mutual experience, so that both the hug recipient and I are blessed. I also always clasp both the left and right shoulders, alternately, to foster huge hugs – equal time is essential so that favoritism isn’t shown.

No favorites among our many vacation trips and adventures – for people often ask – because my husband and I fully researched and selected each. No favorite foods or friends or other fascinations either.

(this is a spoof photo of the famed statues on Easter Island, though we’ve actually been there, because the Easter holiday is near)

One wouldn’t expect a mother to have favorites among her kids… and no one wanted to be teacher’s pet.

I know, I know that there are apps for one’s smart phone, so as to be able to tip properly post-meal. However, I’m a stickler for not having phones present when I dine with friends or family. As my husband likes to quip, “Here’s a tip: get out of town,” I might state emphatically, “Here’s a tip. Leave the table if you must take a call or text.”