DSC04620 Hearty, happy, and unbreakable. This is my habitual stance: smiling, laughing, and dancing with great peace and joy.

Contained, cool, quick-witted. Independent, undaunted, suave.

I work assiduously over every endeavor to which I commit. Smiling all the while, making it look easy. Which makes others pout. What? Me ‘make’ their feelings? That’s what ‘they’ claim…

My hair is fine and naturally blonde and my head seems to have a lightning rod affixed, beckoning bullies and small people to peck and peck and peck. As if my attitude was Everest; my wholeness taunted their place on the planet and I had to be knocked down.

Not easy, not hard; no longer unexpected. Especially when my husband and I walk on the edge of the world.

16970019I take it, turn the other cheek, push back, defend, and forgive. For awhile. My rubric is “Three strikes out”, yet truth be told, I give three more. I try to maintain my stance to continue to trust in my fellow humans.

And then, by God, I’m gone. Show the jack—– my best asset! I rally, with Larry beside, who gives me a gold sticker reward after his full body hug… And we’re off! Dancing on the other side of the aisle, town, country, world. Wearing our invisible crowns.

Hearty, happy, and unshakable, with faith that it will all work out in the end. By God.


From the ascribed originator of my quote ‘Miracle’, here’s another that I adopted to guide my life from the past seven years forward. Better late than never, as they say: I chose not to tango with the crazy ones. I do not know how they survive now… ’nuff said.

BTW we’re on the other side of the world, traveling with friends in Cambodia and Thailand. Didn’t wish to add Vietnam to the itinerary, not ready to revisit the angst of my teens, with countless lives shattered on both sides of the fray.

Have a nice day!