My husband is loving, but Valentine’s Day isn’t his thing. It’s okay by me because who needs the calories that a box of chocolates brings – almost just being in its proximity? His reasoning that pretty blooms begin dying the moment they’re trimmed precludes a bouquet.

I’ve written on this topic nearly a dozen years ago. Here’s the link:

Since the tradition has continued, the list of heart-shaped meals has expanded. Perhaps you’ll find some ideas for you to prepare such a meal for our spouse.

I was fortunate to find heart-shaped pasta once. Perhaps because my husband is Italian, pasta is a favorite, so that was an easy score. My family has also gifted me with heart-shaped baking utensils for bread and biscuits and such. Since Larry is a carbaholic, these were also a hit. I have four sizes of heart-shaped cookie cutters. I even have a heart-shaped ice cube tray, so that the Bloody Marys he relishes can be punched up to Valentine’s fare.

Pinterest has become a prolific source. I recently blogged about an intriguing deviled eggs variant.

So, now I have a folder filled with potential recipes for heart-shaped meals. Which of the following do you think I selected for our meal this year?

  • Seared scallops over mashed cauliflower
  • Pizza with pepperoni cut into heart shapes
  • Heart-shaped Quesadilla

We celebrate tonight because we are driving to Las Vegas to see the Beatles-themed Cirque titled “Love” on Valentine’s Day. How very apropos!