A few weeks ago I discovered an unwanted nuance of “have” and “have not”: medical insurance benefits. While I have benefits and can instantly make a doctor appointment to seek assurance for any concern, my Sista Suzi can not.

Well, could not until recently when she was employed full time in a great job with benefits after several years of searching, interviewing, forebearing through a bad economy. While I fretted for a few months about a large poorly-placed growth in my body, she has fretted for a few years – in pain – until the growth will be removed later this week.

My heart hurts for her stoic anguish. My medical concerns seem pale and almost petty in their scope. I wish that I could trade-in a piece of my ‘have’ for her ‘have-not’.

Medical insurance benefits are a measure of wealth in America, the ever-expanding arena of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ layering the home of the free and the brave with sorrow. The inequality undermines health, sanity, and circumstances. Like deprivation of food, water, and shelter, it has stealthy, everlasting consequences. Let’s pray for increased parity for all in the land of good and plenty.

Hurry, surgery – help her!

Pray for good results and lasting good health for my Sista Suzi.

Rushing surgeon