Tis the season of giving, sparked by Giving Tuesday on December 1. I hope you gave your heart out that day along with lots of dough (not the bakery kind, though I posted about that last week). If you didn’t replace the jingle of personally pocketed coins with Santa’s spirited jingle bells as you wrote checks on that day, do so now while you listen to this:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwZjz_WEpaM

The key phrase is among my favorites: “Love isn’t love ”til you give it away”

Try this trick: insert “money” into the words of the ballad… while you can’t replace money with love, sharing money extends the ‘brand’, if you will.

You can not take your stash of cash with you – and your Uncle Sam will soon carve out his share – so giddy-yup to give by the end of the year. Yes, that’s tomorrow night!

Here’s a plan for the day after tomorrow when it is 2016  http://boomeranggiving.org Check it out, please and thanks, Boomers. You are worth a lot.

I homoney bagspe you gifted during Christmas or Hannukah or Kwana or ____. I’ll bet that you feel that giving to your cherished ones and relishing their joy was your best gift. Yet…

Widen your circle of gift-giving throughout the world. Share the wealth. It’s best for your health, as well as the health and well-being of others less smiled upon by good fortune and man’s will.

Your best gift is your self. Send your self on a giving trip; there are many less fortunate around the world. Seal the envelope with a little kiss and a hug. For your self and His will.

The benefits are exponential, unearthly!

To reinforce my point of view, enjoy this blast from blogs past:    https://www.pjcolando.com/salvation-army/