I’ve often said that I could never live where gray shrouds daylight. When it’s murky in southern California, my brain feels as foggy and bleary as the sky. I feel certain that I have a shade of SAAD.

I am a yoga devotee. I began to go to the Triad Studio through a happenstance that is worthy of its own blog post. Quite a story, quite a mystical chance experience.

Triad moved into a new space, mere blocks down the street from its former location. Some had to be cajoled into the change. It was okay by me.

After I walked into the expansive room with its wall of windows, I noticed the gray blinds, bamboo floor with multiple nuances of gray, gray flower pots filled with orchids, and a giant stone Buddha, I found a new meaning for ‘5o Shades of Gray’, the infamous book of the moment.

I found comfort within the gray shrouded space. Yoga is peace. I can nest in it.